Thursday, November 19, 2015

About Myself

  Lovely Days I had in life

I am not a writer nor a creator; but, here I am to write my first blog. It is my story. So, Let me introduce myself. I am Sharmin Akter; from Comilla; a small but nice town. I have grown up in a beautiful village named Sreekail, which is far away from the Comilla main town. And I have attended my primary, secondary and higher secondary school in Sreekail.

 My father was a teacher and had retired on 2005 and my mother is a housewife. We are five siblings and I am the youngest one. My elder brothers live in Dhaka with their spouse and do their own business. And one of my sisters lives in Dhaka and she is housewife and my brother-in-law is a Govt. service holder. And my another sister is a Govt. School teacher and brother-in-law works in a private company and they are living in Comilla.

I am the youngest one of my five siblings. Though we are five ,but I have passed my childhood alone. My elder sisters got married when I was child and my brothers went abroad for their study. I lived with my parents and my black and white “Mini Cat”. It was so nice and quiet in nature. I was never a sporty girl, most of my leisure time I used to pass playing with it.

I am now looking at my past. I inhale the air of my 18 years of life. Looking back at my 18 years picture, I see a quiet, shy girl with a lack of confidence and that spend most of her days in solitude. Today, I feel that I have come a long way from the quiet reserved girl to a self-confident person. And, I believe that the turning point in my life was during my admission in University, for it was when I began to become independent. I have got admitted at 2007 in University Of Development Alternative (UODA) in the department of Pharmacy for B. Pharm and completed in 2011. I have done my Internship in Aristo Pharma just after publishing my final exam result. That was a nice experience. And at the end of the year I have got admitted in M. Pharm in the same University. And in 2012 when I was continuing my M. Pharm, I had joined in Standard Chartered Bank. But, I didn’t get any interest from that job and this is because I left the Job. And this is true that, I have no disappointment at all and I am happy. This is because; I am a person with positive views in every aspects of life. I always love to experience and learn new things.

I had a very nice childhood and I am very happy for that experience. I always keep that time inside my mind. I always prefer thinking more than talking.Sometimes nice memories can make someone motivated to do something new.

On the way of my Dream

I believe that my past makes me who I am now and the future rests on my present life. And, working hard today is always the first step towards comprehending the dreams tomorrow. I realize that I cannot fix my aims and dreams on the basis of others and I need to do things for myself.  And I am trying to build my career where I get the interest so that I can reach at the top of the position. I want to build my career in online marketing sector as an SEO expert .At present I am getting the training from the BITM in Practical SEO. I believe this is the first step to start my career in online marketing.
To build a good career it is essential to get the support from the family. From that perspective I would say I am lucky enough. My family always inspire me to do something. By getting married I have got my soul mate in 2011. He is undoubtedly a nice guy. And I always get spirit from him. His name is Jabed Hasan; currently working in BTI (Building Technology and Ideas Ltd.) as an Operation Team Leader. Life doesn’t always cooperate with our dreams, wishes and desires. But, in hard situation his support and togetherness helps me to dream for a new day. And this is true that, beyond my aim to work in online marketing the major motivation was from him. Now, I want to work for myself and also help and support my family financially and physically as a housewife too. I always try to develop my soul and try to pray, seek forgiveness when make any kind of mistake.

I feel pleasure in reading story books,cooking and gossiping.I believe gossiping with the new people is the best way to learn new things and culture. Also, I am cooking well that’s what other says. I always watch cooking shows to learn the new recipes and love to experiment.

I always know that no matter what I do in life, but I want to do something that can make a difference in someone's life. But, every one of us should have our own set of ethics, principles and moral values. And, I always evaluate what I’m doing and only do considering my moral value.

Hopes and Dreams for the future

World is changing so fast that most of the yesterday’s solutions are no longer the right answers for today and today’s solutions are certainly not tomorrow’s solutions. God has blessed us as human being by gifting common sense and intelligence. By using God gifted common sense and intelligence we can think, dream and plan in our own ways. Without proper planning it is hard to continue anything. And discontinuing may lead things harder. I have made my plan when my husband got his 1st job in Bangladesh in Esysolution Ltd; an IT company. He used to do SEO related works and since then I got the inspiration to become a SEO expert. I was planning to get the training from a renowned institution. One day I was browsing internet and got to know about BITM “Practical SEO” course. Then, I have applied for the SEO course and got the chance to start my SEO journey.

My passion is to learn new things and always want to discover something which is unknown to the world. Beside the training I do watch SEO related video on you tube and read SEO related article to enrich my knowledge.

 Outside of my career, I have a plan to buy a large home in my village in Comilla. My dream is to settle down in an urban area where I was born. In front of my home I wish to have a nice flower garden with a small pond. Hopefully, by the time I will have a nice home, I am dreaming of having a lovely son. Eventually, I am dreaming for a happy family.  

Not only that I also have a plan to help the Orphans and helpless old persons in my village. As our country is a developing country, therefore, some parents do not have the ability to send their children for education due to financial crisis. I want to support those children at least to get into the school. Moreover, for unemployed people I want to create something to make them employed in my village.
I have so many plans for my future to implement and not to give up. There is a major fear of failure but I won’t allow it get to me. My family expect a lot out of me and I am very happy what I have done so far. My dreams are hope to keep me going and those are objects to live a meaning life. I hope I will reach on my destination one day.  

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